Mobile phone App can alert drowsy drivers to prevent accidents

Car Accidents mostly happen by driver mistakes, specially when drivers are drowsy. A recently developed smartphone app that alert drivers when he gets lazy or drowsy. The concept of this app is very simple and work on “Smart phone real time video”.

The basic concept of this app is: Using Smart phone real time video to track and observe the facial expressions, eye contact and body movements of driver. If driver eye lids and head position are changed, then it is a symptom of prominent fatigue.

Drowsy Driver app

The working of this app is very simple, you have to just put the mobile phone in front of driver’s face or near to the steering wheel. The smartphone app will take a picture of driver’s face, upper body movements and trace driver behaviour. Drooping eyelids, drowsiness and nodding are some of the major symptoms of lazy or drowsy behaviour. If drowsy behaviour trace, app alarm is on and start ringing. To ensure driver are awakened and come back to normal state, the driver has to turn off the alarm by hand or by voice.

Best idea and concept is the origin of any successful app. Users always choose that apps which have a unique features and functions. We are suggesting some points below which can make your app unique to others. And you can famous on the app – store if you use this point in your app:

1. App Platform: your app should be optimised for a mobile user (Android, iPhone, tablet, etc.) Make sure your app is compatible and functional for all brands and devices.

2. Create user friendly interfaces which make users unforgettable experience.

3. Shareable: App should be shareable because most successful apps having a quality that is easily shareable to other users i.e Friends, social media platforms, phone contact etc.

4. The app should be Demographic targeted: Know your audience because not everyone in the world will want your app, so focus on the users.

On app-store millions of apps are available for users, but very few apps works on unique and life saving concept. We always work on unique and good conceptual apps and put our innovative ideas and development expertise on it. We have 17+ year experience in IT industries with 1400+ projects. If you want our expertise in apps making then contact us at You can also visit our portfolio to know more about our projects.


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